Some reasons of the unhappy marriages

The love of the marriages has not been glistening as at first.

After almost of women have married, they have regretted and they have remembered about the first dating. All of the memories about the last time have been as romantic as movies.

When they compare to the present, they feel so disappointed and holding the partner responsible that the partners were changed their heart, they did not care and giving love much to them anymore. Beside above the disappointments, economic pressures and the pressure about children are so easy to occur if both of them do not sympathize together. And they are easy to conclude that the love of the marriages was died. After they have been divorced. These are status of many married couples married in 5 first years.


The controversies of the marriages have occurred

Many married couples have been devoted sharing that the controversies were one of the reasons made their marriages broker occurred. If they often quarrel from small problem to big problem, their love will fade away soon. They should understand each other and finding out the way to solve the problem.

According to the professional about family problem, one of the reasons of the marriage controversies last is that they misunderstood with each other, underestimated or they did not admit the partner’s opinion. If they lower self a bit, the marriages will have chance to mediate.





The fidelity of the marriages

The adulterers, the betrayers, the cheating still consider the main reasons to divorce. It often occurs when their relationship have problem. When one of them followed other person, their family would have been broken. Finally, consequences are divorce.


When the marriages have Jealousy in love

The daily life has many pressure, the partners want to find the peace when they back home. But they often have habit control the partners and jealousy in love. Even though, they used to hack Facebook Service to check information of the partner.


The problem about children in the marriages

They need to unite in this problem. Only one of them wants to have baby or the contradiction about educate children, the consequences will lead to divorce


The change about lifestyle in the marriage

The marriages are not only a wedding party. That opens a new life with an entirely new lifestyle. They must study to understand the principle when they live together. If they are not adaptive, they will get negative status soon.

The sexual in the marriages

It seems to be so important in the marriages. If their needs are so different, the best way to solve this problem is direct communicating together.


The different culture in the marriages

The marriages between two different cultures have become more and more popular and the divorces also increase. When they have married with anyone, they need to accept one of element in that culture foundation or they must accept the partner.