Hack Facebook Online - Frequently Asked Questions

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How can we tell if your site is real and not a scam? Do you have a proof?

Our site is not just #1 on Google searches, our hacking services is also absolutely FREE. With an outstanding 98% success rate of hacking any account no matter how complex, our site is one of the best hacking sites on the web. You can see the recently hacked Facebook accounts at the top of this page; the list is updated every minute. You can also judge by the number of Facebook likes and shares we have. We get loads of hacking requests, and they are processed through our web based application every day. You can check out our testimonials page for more information.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our services are absolutely free to use. We won’t request for your bank details or credit card to use our web-based application. However, to prevent abuse of our services, the system may request you to verify you are human and not a bot by completing a short survey or get 10 referrals to our site. This change was made as a way to prevent people from trying to use our services for a bad purpose.
Some users keep trying to run automated scripts that hack millions of Facebook accounts using our web-based application which contradict our goal and aim of developing the web application. Hence we had to make the changes

Am I anonymous when using your site?
You will be completely anonymous all through the hacking process. Our web application will not use your information like IP address, location, name or address to process the hack. Hence you're completely safe using our site. And again, our site does all its hacking process for you on the server side, not the client side. Therefore, Facebook will not know you used our site so again, you're safe.
You just have to invite a few friends or complete a small survey to receive your password.

Does Facebook know I'm trying to hack a Facebook account?
Absolutely not, not Facebook, nor the victim will know you are trying to hack a Facebook account. Our site treats you as anonymous and our web application does not use any of your information to in the hacking. Our web-based application uses many encryption methods that enable it to go inside the Facebook database, get the required information out and get out unnoticed. Therefore our site is safe, so as yourself.

What information should I provide to start the hacking process?
Our web application is simple and easy to use; all you need to start hacking is your victim's Facebook profile URL. For example, if you victim’s username is Zuck, then the Facebook profile URL will be http://www.facebook.com/zuck. No need to provide any personal details, you’re completely anonymous on our site.

How does your system work?
Our web-based hacking application uses a very complex script and only experienced programmers and hackers can understand it, but we will try to break it down as simple as we can. You need to visit the "Account Hack" page then input the victim’s Facebook profile URL and click "Hack Account". Then our script will connect to the appropriate servers and grab the password from the database.
Our web hacking application will not change the victim’s Facebook password, what it does is grab the original password and show it to you so the victim doesn't know their account is being hacked. This is one of the benefits you get from using our services.

What for can I use your services
We urge the users to use our site just to retrieve your old passwords. We're not responsible for anything bad or activities to the reason you’re using our services. Using our services is at your own risk.